About us


The President – Mr. Emmanuel Katongole

Vice President – Mr. Aliba Kiiza Emmanuel

Company Treasurer – Eng. Tony Kavuuma

Fundraising Director – Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha

Director of Programmes – Rev. Fr. Kizito Kirenga  

World Family Representative – Mr.Jeanpaul Kayihura 

Board  Secretary – Ms. Regiina Mukiibi

We Pray that Mother Mary Intercedes For Them.





Radio Maria Uganda is not different from the rest of other Radio Maria stations around the world and it is under one Umbrella of World Family Association.

It was first established in Mbarara Archdiocese as a parish Radio by Fr. Bashorbora in 1996. However, later on, Fr. John Scalabarini began its extension program country wide and on 1st May 2001, Radio Maria Uganda began to operate in Kampala archdiocese, at Biina Mutungo- Luzira as Headquarters, with Branches in Kampala 103.7 FM, Masaka 94.0 FM, Mbarara 105.4 FM ,Fort Portal 104.6 Fm, Kabale 100.8 FM, Hoima 90.7 FM,Nebbi 90.5 FM,Gulu 105.7 FM,Lira 91.2 FM, Mbale 101.8 FM and Moroto 105.5 FM.


Our mission is to become a “Christian Voice” in the homes of all people, especially the marginalized and downcast ones, through its religious and human promotion programs. Radio Maria Uganda aims at bringing the Gospel of Christ, the Savior of the World, to all people, wherever they may be and in whatever state of human life. Hence, to have a deeper evangelization as demanded by the Church of the Third Millennium, (Duc in altum).

Objectives of Radio Maria Uganda

• To spread evangelical message through radio programs in line with the doctrine and pastoral needs of the local church.
• To awaken faith in Christ and call to conversion of our generation through prayer and catechetical instructions.
• To revive the spirit of prayer in the hearts of men and women and in the families.
• To promote human values that are necessary in achieving mutual love, respect of human dignity, tolerance and peaceful co-existence in the society.
• To provide a forum for the marginalized to express themselves.
• To respond to the Church’s call and commitment to use the typical mediums of our times to bring the Gospel of Christ to all people, (Vatican II, IM 2 & 13).

Our Programs

Our programs follow the structures created by the World Family of Radio Maria. Programs are designed to enable listeners to have daily opportunities to take part in the Church’s life of prayer throughout the day creating their own pattern of work, prayer, instructions and news. These include the Canonical Hours, the Eucharist, traditional Christian prayers and prayers for the intention of the listeners. It includes instruction in the faith which is clear and intelligible to the listeners and which allows time afterwards for listeners question and comments.

Over the years Radio Maria Uganda has undergone successful development extension. More branches in Nebbi (90.5 FM), Hoima (90.7 FM), Masaka (94.0 FM), and Lira (91.2 FM) have been open up. Presently, some good Samaritans inItalyare also raising fund for Radio Maria Uganda Project to have another branch installed in Moroto, depending on the availability of the fund raised.

 The station has also achieved success and popularity among the people of Uganda. Today it has been able to reach even the remote places in the country where the people had no concept about it.

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