Written by on December 13, 2017

The Association of Catholic Religious (ARU) men and women in Uganda has launched the celebrations of its 50th anniversary.
The function took place at the headquarters of the association, in Nsambya, on Wednesday. It was attended by several religious men and women, major superiors of the religious institutes and friends of the religious.

The Chairman of the association, Fr Joseph Kyeyune said that the celebrations had kicked off on November 1, 2017 and, would run till November 3, 2018. He later read a letter, which the religious wrote to proclaim their jubilee.

“This letter will be read on the professions celebration function of the respective religious institutes that affiliate to our association. The jubilee is an opportunity that God has given us to forgive unconditionally those who have wronged us.

“We shall read even more fervently the Word of God and the encyclicals of Pope Francis. We shall seek greater interiority, silence and contemplation, bearing in mind that noise is the devil’s trap to derail us away from God who speaks to us in silence. The jubilee year is also a motivation for us to enrich our spiritual lives. The golden jubilee of our association also motivates us to leave our comfort zones, to go out and minister to God’s people at the existential peripheries of society,” Kyeyune said.

The function gained unprecedented glory owing to the presence of about 20 Catholic Bishops, who were led by their Chairman, the Most Rev Archbishop John Baptist Odama.

In his message to the religious, Odama said: “All we ask of you is to be nothing else but servants of God’s people. Work harmoniously with each other because in God’s service there is no competition.  Renew your zeal to work for the Lord who calls us to serve his people in our different capacities.”

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