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    A statement signed by the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Most Rev. Philip Naameh says the maturity exhibited by the people of Ghana “surely resulted in one of the most peaceful and successful elections witnessed as a country, a feat that has made Ghana once again a brighter beacon of democracy in Africa and the world at large."


    The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) have observed with great admiration the comportment and maturity with which our fellow Ghanaians conducted themselves during the Presidential and Parliamentary elections held on Wednesday December 7, 2016. This surely resulted in one of the most peaceful and successful elections we have witnessed as a country, a feat that has made Ghana once again a still brighter beacon of democracy in Africa and the world at large.

    It is on the note of such remarkable success that we, the GCBC, congratulate the President-elect, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for emerging winner in the presidential elections.

     With profound admiration, we also congratulate His Excellency, President John Dramani Mahama for such display of matured statesmanship in conceding defeat to the President-elect.


  • POPE

    Pope Francis greeted the many sick and disabled persons gathered in the Paul VI Hall ahead of his Wednesday General Audience.

    The group followed his Audience from within the air conditioned audience hall to stay out of the sweltering Roman heat, to which the Pope alluded in a short address to them, saying it would be “like a Turkish bath out there today”.

    Thanking them for coming, the Holy Father invited the group to listen to his words “with a heart united to those in [St. Peter’s] Square” where his Audience was held.

    He said the Church is like this because it is united by the Holy Spirit, with “one group here and another there, but all are united.”

    Before exiting to hold his General Audience, Pope Francis prayed the Our Father and Hail Mary and gave his blessing to his special guests.

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  • as

    On the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, Pope Francis reflected on the “mystery of the identity of God” during the midday recitation of the Angelus in St Peter’s Square.


    The Holy Father took as his starting point the greeting of St Paul in his Second Letter to the Corinthians: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you.” This greeting, he said, was inspired by Paul’s personal experience of the love of God. The Apostle encouraged the Christian community, despite its human limitations, “to become a reflection of the communion of the Trinity, of its goodness and beauty.” But, the Pope said, this comes about only through the experience of the mercy and forgiveness of God.


    This was the experience of the Jewish people during the Exodus. When they broke the covenant, God came to Moses in the cloud to renew the pact, and revealed His own proper Name and its significance: “the Lord, a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity.” The Pope said this name shows us that "God is not distant and closed in on Himself”; rather, He is “Life which wishes to communicate itself; He is openness; He is Love which redeems man’s infidelity."


  • new

    Archbishop Adams has previously served as an ambassador to Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and, most recently, Greece

    The Queen received the new Apostolic Nuncio on Thursday as he begins his tenure in Britain.

    The Vatican appointed Archbishop Joseph Adams Nuncio to the United Kingdom this past April. During his recent visit with The Queen, Archbishop Adams received the Letters of Recall from his predecessor as well as his Letters of Credence.


    Archbishop Adams will keep the Vatican informed about Brexit developments and appoint new bishops in dioceses with vacant positions as nuncio.


     Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Archbishop Adams was ordained a priest in 1970.Then, in 1976, he began a career as a papal diplomat, following advanced studies in Rome. He served as an ambassador to Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, the Philippines and, most recently, Greece.


    Archbishop Adams replaces Archbishop Antonio Mennini who was appointed Secretariat of State in Rome.The position of Nuncio to the United Kingdom may be Archbishop Adams’ – aged 72 – last since the retirement age for bishops is 75.


    Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, president of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, warmly received Archbishop Adams’ appointment in April.

    “On behalf of the bishops’ conference and of the whole Catholic community of Scotland,” Archbishop Tartaglia said, “I welcome the appointment of the new Apostolic Nuncio and offer him our prayerful good wishes for his important service as nuncio.”

  • pente 

    On June 4, the Church commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles. Here are 10 thoughts on what is traditionally called the ‘birthday of the Church.’

    1. What does “Pentecost” mean?

    The word Pentecost is Greek for “50th” (pentecoste) and is derived from the fact that it occurs on the 50th day after Easter Sunday.


    It is also called Whitsunday, or “White Sunday” because of the white baptismal robes that were worn by those newly baptized on the vigil of Pentecost and that symbolized the power of the sacrament in purifying the baptized sinner.


    2. How does Pentecost connect to the Old Testament?

    In the Old Testament, the feast is called by several names, including the “Feast of Weeks.” In Judaism, it is known as Shavuot (Hebrew, “weeks”) and is ranked among the three major historical and agricultural festivals on the Jewish calendar, with Passover and Sukkot. It marks the important grain harvest, when the first fruits were brought to the Temple, hence its other name as the “Feast of the First Fruits.” According to Deuteronomy 16:


    “You shall count off seven weeks; begin to count the seven weeks from the day when the sickle is first put to the standing grain. You shall then keep the feast of weeks for the Lord, your God, and the measure of your own voluntary offering which you will give shall be in proportion to the blessing the Lord, your God, has given you (16:9-10).”

    It also commemorates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai.



    About 30,000 people from 127 nations attended including 50 bishops and more than 800 priests

    Just like at the first Pentecost, there was a great multitude from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages at Circus Maximus in Rome last weekend (3rd June 2017) for the special Pentecost vigil service in the presence of Pope Francis.


    The ancient ruined stadium, where chariots were once raced and early Christians martyred, was packed with Catholic Charismatics from all corners of the globe, who had come at the invitation of Pope Francis to celebrate their Golden Jubilee and this great Church feast with him. As I looked around, as far as the eye could see, there were flags and peoples. About 30,000 people from 127 nations, had registered formally, including 50 bishops and more than 800 priests. They had been arriving in Rome for the celebration events all week and by the Saturday Pentecost vigil, the numbers had grown to 50,000, swelled by local Italians, who just came for the day.


  • a

    Vatican City (CNA/EWTN News) - "I pray that God support you so that your country, faithful to the rich diversity of its moral traditions and its spiritual heritage marked also by the Christian tradition, may always endeavor to build a more just and fraternal society," Pope Francis said in the May 16 message.

    "With respect for difference and attention to those in situations of vulnerability and exclusion, may it contribute to the cooperation and solidarity between nations," Francis continued.

    On the occasion of the investiture of the new president, which took place on May 14, the Pope sent his good wishes for the exercise of the office, that it be "at the service" of all the people of France.

    Pope Francis also urged the country of France to continue to nurture an appreciation and defense of the dignity of every person, including "respect for life" and a search for peace and the common good in Europe and around the world.

    He concluded his brief telegram by invoking the Lord's blessing on President Macron and on all the inhabitants of France.

    In France's presidential election on May 7, 39-year-old centrist Macron beat Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate of the National Front party with 66 percent of the vote. He is the youngest president to ever be elected in France.

    Continue reading:



  • POPE

    Speaking to journalists travelling with him to Egypt, Pope Francis on Friday described his 27-hour visit to Cairo as a journey of unity and brotherhood.

    In his brief remarks, the Pope spoke of how this trip to Cairo had a special character because it followed an invitation (to visit Egypt) made by four different people: the Egyptian head of State, President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, the Orthodox Patriarch of the Copts, Pope Tawadros II, the Catholic Patriarch of the Copts, Ibrahim Sedrak and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb.




    Br. Alan Harrod, csc, has been serving as a Holy Cross Missionary in Uganda for the last 26 years. In the course of his ministry he has been in Fort Portal diocese, Jinja diocese and Kampala archdiocese. This month he is retiring to the USA. Br. Alan shared with us his times in Uganda, what has captivated him about the country and the future prospects of Holy Cross.


     For how long have you been in Uganda?

    I first visited Uganda in September of 1989.  I returned in 1990 for ministry here.  So, it has been 26 years.  Some health concerns make it necessary for me to return to my home country, the USA at this time.


    What has inspired and captivated you?

     Recently I read an article about countries that receive visitors warmly.  In that    survey, Uganda was the country that ranked highest in all of the world.  The people who responded spoke of the friendliness and warmth of Ugandan people.  They did not distinguish between tribes; they spoke of the warmth of the Ugandan people.  There were no negative comments at all.  Having lived here for more than 25 years, I feel that what they said is very true.  After many years of instability after independence, the people value stability.  This country has been called the “Pearl of Africa” and the beauty one sees in nature attests to that.  The climate is very agreeable in most of the country.  Abundant rain keeps the vegetation green for most of the year.  


    How do you rate the growth of Holy Cross In various ministries?

     The main ministries of Holy Cross are parish ministry and education.  In Uganda we staff two parishes, one in Fort Portal Diocese and the other in Jinja Diocese.  There is a parish in Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya.  The parish is made up of two worship centres, a primary school and a comprehensive clinic.  In Tanzania, there are two parishes, one in Karatu and another in Arusha.  There is likelihood of Holy Cross accepting other commitments in Tanzania in future.


    One of the  defining objectives of missionary societies is indigenization. To what extent has Holy Cross pursued this objective?

    Most  of the members of Holy Cross in East Africa are in fact Africans. There are some 65 young men in training from postulancy to novitiate to post novitiate formation.  There are some 25-30 brothers and priests in active ministry.  Most of these are Africans from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.. and some 8 American Holy Cross members. 


    I would encourage young men who are interested in serving the Lord as Holy Cross priests or brothers  to contact Fr. Muhindo Luke, CSC, the Vocations Director.  His email is and his office phone is 011-256-41-426-8325.



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Radio Maria Uganda continues to pray for a succesful Mariathon 2017 and urges all people of God to support the project of running with Mother Mary to help us especially during this Mariathon period 2017.






 Radio Maria Uganda in this   Month also  continues  to pray for peace with the Situations in Africa and the World over. The Rosary dedicated for peace is  weekly, Mondays and  Fridays 8PM East African Time. Please join us to pray for Peace in Africa and in the rest of the World.

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